The Beginning

South Sudan Bible Students. Picture by Fundacion Emmanuel de Sudan del Sur.

I have the privilege of writing the first post since I volunteered to support Fundacion Emmanuel de Sudan del Sur and test that both the website and the blog works properly.

But this is not about me, or about the tests, it’s about the youngest country in the world and the work that God is doing in this place through the missionaries, obedient servants to the call of God and my admiration for them even when I’m on the other side of the world.

The beginning, as I described in the title, was undoubtedly in the heart of God, who used the founder of Fundacion Emmanuel de Guatemala, Fausto Cebeira, a man of great vision and passion for the Lord to begin this work of love for the people of South Sudan, in need of economic resources, but also in need of the God of love who saves every soul, cleanses all sin and fills every empty heart.

This vision was extended to the missionaries who now work in South Sudan, whom I met in greater or lesser degree back in Guatemala and Honduras; I’m sure that years ago they never imagined obeying the Lord and his command in Matthew 28:27 thousands of miles away from the place where they were born, but the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable .

So, what’s left for us? Is it enough to admire the work of the Lord and the missionaries? It’s not! The love for God must move us, our faith apart from works is dead, I think the following quote of Andres Robert emphasizes everything “The first task that Jesus did after resurrecting; the only subject that occupied his mind during the forty days he spent with his disciples and the last thing he mentioned before ascending to heaven, was to teach, exhort and command the fulfillment of the divine plan of salvation”.

Let us appropriate the missionary vision of Christ, let’s expand the gospel, let’s help as much as we can, and if you can’t go, never stop praying the Lord for the missionaries who work today at Fundacion Emmanuel de Sudan del Sur, who as we read in Mark 8:34 they obeyed Jesus, they denied themselves, leaving their families or comforts, took up His cross and followed the footsteps of Jesus Christ, who, although He was God, for His love for us became a servant, humbled himself and was obedient to the point of death, therefore God highly exalted him and every tongue declares that Jesus Christ is the Lord.